We Offer Flexible Financing Tied to Growth
Get a working line of credit based on the value of your AR, Inventory and Equipment.


State Financial provides working capital
We provide the financial resources to weather all kinds of storms. We can support your bottom line and provide confidence that you are financially prepared to handle a variety of business challenges.

Turn accounts into cash
Ninety, sixty or even thirty days can mean a world of difference to the cash flow of any business. SFC advances a percentage of its borrowers’ accounts receivables, turning invoices and inventory into cash.

Fast response time
Our decision makers are a quick phone call away. No elaborate telephone systems…you won’t even need to remember our extension numbers!

Refreshing flexibility
We can break the rules because we make the rules. In other words, if we see that you are making a reasonable finance request, even if it is based on unique circumstances, we’ll consider the loan.

Advances for seasonal needs, special buys or extraordinary circumstances
Businesses that are highly seasonal can take advantage of special purchasing opportunities. State Financial can also help you quickly process those exceptional orders that might otherwise be over your normal credit limit.

You won’t need to take on unwanted debt
Our revolving line of credit is based on your needs and on the amount of your open accounts receivable. Borrow only when you need to.

Same-day borrowing
If you have availability, you will have an advance the day you ask for it.

Interest is charged only on the amount borrowed
We’ll say it again, State Financial’s products and services are simple and straightforward. You will never find hidden fees or other mysterious charges.

No hidden fees
Interest is charged only on the amount borrowed.

No customer notifications
Often, depending on the details of your finance package, your customers will not be “on notice” that their invoices have been financed.

Easy, day-to-day reporting
Mountains of paperwork? Our reports are easy and unintimidating.

Call State Financial now at 310-820-5222, and we’ll talk about how we can help your company.

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